360º Sustainability Since 2006


Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on earth. What we buy, wear, and discard really matters. That’s why we’re proud to be known as a circular fashion pioneer, using design, artistry and innovation to challenge the industry’s endemic waste and supply chain issues since our launch in 2006.

Our process begins with you. We listen, learn and apply our rigorous 360° sustainability strategy to craft beautiful, thoughtful and versatile pieces that will last in your wardrobe for years to come.

That’s what makes us sustainable by design.

Beautiful, versatile & timelessly stylish pieces, to better serve you & the planet


Start with Carbon Smart

DEPLOY is one of the world’s highest-ranking certified B Corps with an exceptional score of 149.5. We actively contribute towards 12 of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We have been Carbon Smart certified since 2011 by Smart Sustainability — a leading British scheme with a rigorous evaluation system that measures a business’s environmental impact. But certification is just the start of what we do. We have achieved a 50% carbon reduction (in scope 1, 2 & 3) within the past three years, and are actively working to improve across all impact spheres including governance, community, workers, environment, customers & disclosure.

15º – 45º

Research, Listening & Feedback

For us, designing sustainably begins even before pencil is put to paper. It starts with leading research into materials innovation and supply-chain sustainability. And most importantly, you, our client. We offer a collaborative approach; listening closely to your desires and needs to discover what you like and critically, what you find challenging in clothing. We design to enhance your style and solve your needs. This allows us to create much-loved pieces responsibly and thoughtfully, transforming how you look and feel, so getting dressed becomes a daily joy. At DEPLOY we ensure you dress for impact in with your values.

60º – 90º

Conserve, Eco-Source, Fairtrade

We only source environmentally-certified textiles of the highest quality, of which 80% are British or European. We eschew the use of fabrics that require excessive water and/or hazardous chemicals, so the majority (70%-80%) of our garments are made from 100% natural fibres. This includes GOTS-certified organic cottons, DETOX cotton knits, certified silks, fully biodegradable linen and bamboo, FSC-certified viscose, and British Woolmark assured quality wools. Fairtrade is part of our DNA.

All our designs are exquisitely handmade in-house by our own team of craftspeople (remunerated up to three times more than other brands), or by our long-term boutique production partners, local to where we operate, who are equally committed to ethical practices.

105º – 135º

Innovate, Design, Streamline

Our cutting-edge business model reimagines the way apparel can and should be conceived, produced, used and preserved. Incorporating an ingenious circular model, design and systems thinking is employed to find solutions and simplify processes, instead of adopting industry standards. This includes a no-waste supply chain, on demand manufacturing, inventive upcycling, flexible retailing, custom design and post-sale repair services, as well as humanitarian charity collaborations, environmental, educational and social impact investments.

Thanks to these pioneering and comprehensive initiatives, we are pleased to contribute to 12 of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, consistently striving to bring tangible gains to people while minimising environmental waste.

150º – 180º

Customise, Craftsmanship, Specialise

Our couture craftsmanship combines hand-finishing, tailoring, and other artisanal processes in a rare blend of quality that you won't find from commercial or even many of the most coveted designer brands.

We design to make every piece worth treasuring – the antithesis of disposable, fast fashion. Designing three-dimensionally to fit a variety of body shapes, we achieve the most flattering silhouette for a wide range of curves, movements and lifestyles. Our signature multi-functional designs enable you to self-customise your garment, where a casual reversible top can be worn in a classic tone or a bright hue, or a smart three-way coat can be worn detached as a chic pencil skirt or a separate crop jacket.

Each piece can also be custom-altered to fit your exact taste and needs, carried out in-house by our master tailor. When buying online, we are at your service to consult on any sizing or styling queries for the most suitable option.

195º – 225º

Optimise, Zero-Waste, Upcycle

We design sustainability into our clothing, services and processes to combat the endemic waste of the fashion industry. That means meticulously conserving resources from the very first stages of collection design-sourcing and pattern-sample making. We never have bins-full of papers in our studio, excess piles of fabric on the production floor, or truck-loads of unsold stock to discard. 

Our commitment to zero waste is absolute. Where other brands and manufacturers have an average fabric cutting efficiency of up to 70%, our prudence enables us to achieve some 90%. Our salvaged off-cuts are then used in fine detailing, trims and accessories, further reducing additional fabric procurement and use. This has the added advantage of coordinating style and colour cues across different collections and years. You may own a jacket purchased a few years ago, and then spot the exact fabric in detailing in our new collection, allowing you to mix and match from different seasons.

240º – 270º

Accessorise, Personalise, Bespoke

Off-cuts from our fine fabrics are up-cycled to create beautiful accessories, including the exquisitely handmade hats and headdresses created by our sister brand, Hennumi Millinery.

Our bespoke service grew out of customer demand for our expert and intuitive understanding of the importance of making the right choices, whether for work, casual or occasion. We offer personal consultations and styling appointments with our expert team, both online, in person at our London Atelier or at our seasonal pop-ups and events in key cities around the world.

Uniquely for a fashion house, you can arrange a personal consultation with our Creative Director & Designer, Bernice for a truly bespoke, one-of-a-kind design.

315º – 345º

Partnership, Knowledge & Revenue Share

A genuine sustainable fashion and reponsible business trailblazer who leads by example, we are proud of our extensive industry and academic expertise in ethical fashion and innovation.

We share our knowledge and vision through a variety of platforms, collaborating with a wide range of synergistic partners to create engaging and meaningful experiences for discerning audiences. This includes published works, speaking engagements, masterclasses and events at leading academic institutions, members’ clubs, professional and social networks, media/press events, corporations, charities/NGOs and arts institutions.

We also mentor students and train apprentices to build up the next generation of talents.DEPLOY donates 5% ofourannual company revenues to non-profit organisations dedicated to sustainably and ethically improving the lives and livelihoods of the marginalised in every continent that we sell in. Where we reap, we sow.


Reform With Circular Design

We are not just designers of clothes, and we don’t do business as usual. DEPLOY is a strategic action plan and 360 Sustainability is our method for reforming fashion, one garment at a time.

By leading the way, we facilitate transformation, both in the industry and in you. This transformation is one of confidence, of community, of finding a safe space and building a long, loyal relationship, like one with an old friend. And we create the kind of keepsake pieces that you will treasure for years, like a family’s precious brooch, handed down through the generations.

We are committed to changing fashion for better, and we’re with you for the long term, reconnecting the relationship between you, your garments, those who design and create your clothes, and, finally, how we're all connected in order to protect and nurture our environment.