DEPLOY is a strategic action plan to reform fashion; a pioneering womenswear brand founded in 2006 as a blueprint for 360° Sustainability.

Blending artistry with precision, rigour and unrivalled craftsmanship, we design to make a difference, maximising the benefit for people whilst minimising the depletion of our planet.


"I’ve always felt that dressing people is the most powerful & intimate impact a designer can make. As Virgina Woolf said: "clothes change our view of the world and the world's view of us."

At DEPLOY, we connect the two by designing with thoughtfulness & dignity, weaving your character, culture & community into each garment so that they become treasures worth cherishing. 

My career began in New York's bustling fashion industry. As I rose through the ranks to head up design, marketing & wholesale for a high-end brand house, it became clear to me that my biggest daily battle was not a creative or commercial one, but an ethical one. 

Behind the limelight of glossy campaigns & glamorous celebrities, I was struck by the darkness of fashion; a loss of care & connection for humans & the environment — from the absence of respect for people to the lack of concern for wastefulness."

"This was what urged me to research & found DEPLOY in 2006, as a strategic action plan to reform the fashion system for sustainability & equality. Beyond being a brand house, our mission is to make a difference by creating maximum benefit for people with minimal depletion from the planet.

Reimagining clothing as an interface for care, we believe that value is defined by the longevity of style, and your principles can be designed into every stitch of your garment.

When you’re well-served by our carefully-constructed creations, it rejoins the dots between your everyday requirements, reduced environmental consumption & increased social engagement to foster positive relationships — through sustainable style.

After two decades pioneering the vision & practice of DEPLOY’s 360° Sustainability Ethos, we’re proud to be recognised by fashion and beyond as a leader; being one of the highest scoring B-Corps across all sectors globally and winner of the Marie Claire Sustainability Award as ‘Ethical Fashion Brand of the Year’. 

I invite you today to make your new style resolution; to reconsider the way you think, buy & wear clothes for good. It’s time we change our view of fashion & the way fashion views us. Together, we can make a real difference.

Welcome to DEPLOY."

Dr. Bernice Pan, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, DEPLOY


It won't be long before the world catches on to the DEPLOY way of dressing.

— Harper's Bazaar —


Established in London in 2006, our mission is to 'deploy' our expertise in customisation to make fashion more sustainable; less wasteful. Dressing you better while reforming the fashion supply chain.

Our timeless styles are thoughtfully designed around you.
Each of our garments is thoughtfully designed with your lifestyle in mind, and rigorously constructed with the five key components of exquisite fabrics, fine-tailoring, functional versatility, lasting style and fit perfection.

Our garments are crafted in London, and readily available across the world.
Couture craftsmanship isn’t about exclusive, catwalk looks, but about purposeful, quality clothes and personal service that best serves you.

Personal shopping and fittings with our elite team are available at our London Atelier, as well as at our events and pop-ups in key cities around the world.

Our 360° Sustainable Ethos makes a difference, one customer at a time.
We maintain supply chain integrity via six steps: listening to you carefully, designing thoughtfully, sourcing environmentally, producing prudently, upcycling creatively and giving directly to humanitarian charity partners.

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