"Designing a Sustainable System: A Fashion Reformation for Our Century"

"Designing a Sustainable System: A Fashion Reformation for Our Century"

DEPLOY Founder, Dr. Bernice Pan advocates a new Valuism for a Sustainable System of our Century in Keynote Address at Global View Summit 2023, Taipei. 

The Global View Summit 2023, a must-attend event for international leaders in politics, economics and industries of South East Asia and Greater China unfolded at the opulent Far East Shangri-La in Taipei from October 18th to 19th. A standout participant in the summit's illustrious roster was Dr. Bernice Pan, the visionary Founder & Chief Creative Officer of award-winning sustainable fashion brand DEPLOY, invited to give a prestigious, and thought-provoking keynote speech.

Under the theme "Designing a Sustainable System: Leading a Fashion Reformation for Our Century", Dr. Bernice Pan shed light on DEPLOY's vision, mission and proven case to reform the global fashion industries, and in turn lead a systemic change across sectors from Consumerism to her proposed new economic system of the 21st Century, coined by Dr. Pan as ‘Valuism’. 

She explored how DEPLOY's unique approach, extending beyond product, service and experience, has transformed the business model, processes, supply chain from design and production to marketing and customer service to wider partnership engagement. Through ethical decision-making, design thinking, customisation strategies to redefine clothing as an interface for care, she laid out how DEPLOY designs a new system, change and impact through her Valuism.

In 2022, DEPLOY proudly achieved B Corp certification with an impressive score of 149.5 which sets it amongst the top 10 highest-scoring fashion companies in the world. The accolades continued in September 2023 when DEPLOY was named "Ethical Fashion Brand of the Year" at Marie Claire’s Sustainability Award, an international institution of fashion authority. This recognition underscores DEPLOY's 17-year journey to revolutionise the fashion landscape. 

In an industry known for its negative environmental impact, DEPLOY demonstrates that it's possible to innovate for new solutions. DEPLOY's approach, spanning governance, community, employee, environment and customer aspects, serves as a beacon for fashion's sustainable future.

At the outset of her speech, Dr. Bernice Pan presented hard-hitting fashion industry data for 2023, revealing statistics on chemicals, plastics, emissions, and waste. These staggering numbers provide a compelling call to action.

Dr. Bernice Pan is passionate about shifting from a consumerist mindset to a values-driven one. She remarked, "The dominance of consumerism has not only put a severe strain on the environment, it has omitted the human values along the way, where people are seen as a revenues-generating medium of ‘market’ or cost centre of ‘labour’. I aim to elevate this by shifting from Consumerism to Valuism through a fresh perspective on resources, people, and time." She drew attention to how even luxury fashion groups, including global giants LVMH, are recognizing the urgency of environmental issues and taking steps toward nature conservation change and carbon impact reduction. 

As a sustainability trailblazer, Dr. Bernice Pan combines holistic philosophy and astute pragmatism through DEPLOY’s pilot; seeing resources as precious and finite, time as a natural, unidirectional flow, and people as unique and dignified. This shift makes clothing more than just a commodity; it extends personal empathy and builds lasting relationships, and thereby injects new meaning and values into brands, consumers, and manufacturers; those who design, wear and make clothes.  

She advocates for minimizing resource use, extending product lifecycles, and creating a Helix Economy circulation based on Valuism. In this approach, design inspiration comes from genuine human needs and preferences of different life stages. Design processes are optimised, and business models re-engineered. Zero-waste, high-quality fashion takes centre stage through DEPLOY’s 3600 Sustainability action plan; thus offering an attractive alternative to the fashion industry's obsession with fast growth via short-lived fashion cycles, and rebuilding mutually beneficial relationships between people, communities, and the environment.

Dr. Bernice Pan: New book publication news: 

"Accelerating Sustainability in Fashion, Clothes & Textiles", (Routledge, Sept. 2023)  is a ground-breaking new book co-authored and co-edited by Dr. Bernice Pan.

This book collects innovative cases from the world's latest academic research, as well as the most representative industrial practices and business models, covering all policy, education, and science and technology issues. In addition, the book includes a case study on DEPLOY written by the eminent Professor Sandy Black, who is well-respected in the sustainable fashion industry and academic fields.


DEPLOY is a strategic action plan to reform fashion: A pioneering fashion brand founded in 2006 as a blueprint for 360 Sustainability. 

Blending artistry with precision, rigour and unrivalled craftsmanship, we design to make a difference: maximising the benefit for people whilst minimising the depletion of our planet. 

Sustainable by design, DEPLOY is a certified B Corp with an exceptionally high score of 149.5; actively contributing towards 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Winner of the Marie Claire 'Ethical Fashion Brand Of The Year' Sustainability Award 2023.


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