We are proud to announce that DEPLOY is now a certified #BCorp brand & business. 

This stringent certification measures a company's entire impact across 5 key areas of Governance, Workers, Community, Environment & Customers. It verifies socially & environmentally responsible practice from energy, water & waste to diversity, transparency & philanthropy. We are therefore pleased to achieve a record high of 150 points against the standard requirement of 80!

These are the very purpose of DEPLOY’s startup in 2006 and what we’ve been working hard on continuously & rigorously: to implement Sustainability by Design and make a difference 1 garment & 1 person at a time; with our pioneering 360 Sustainability ethos at the centre of our compass.

Whilst it was unbeknownst to most back then, it was clear to us that the Global Fashion System is jeopardising the collective wellbeing of both people & planet to propel climate change at an unprecedented rate — and therefore in serious need of a thorough reform.

This fact is now no secret. And whilst it presents a most urgent call for us all to take action as individuals, businesses & institutions, it also presents a most exciting prospect for multi-lateral collaboration & innovation to drive systemic change.

That's why our #Bcorp certificate is a significant manifestation of greater accountability, transparency & solidarity in our industry & beyond. And we are delighted to be part of the global @bcorpuk community of impressive brands & businesses that measure social & environmental impact, make the difference, and continue to drive improvements our environment & humanity need from us all.
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