This week's news of £2.4bn worth of clothing orders cancellations from international fast fashion retailers making more than 1 million Bangladesh’s garment workers redundant without pay highlights the point made by DEPLOY Founder & Creative Director Bernice Pan in a recent speech: ‘The fashion crisis we face today is much larger than a wardrobe issue. The fundamental lack of sustainability and social responsibility in the fashion industry can no longer be washed or recycled away’.

Bernice founded DEPLOY in 2006 to address what she experienced as "the loss of care and connection in the global Fashion System: Care for others who turn your lights on and sew your clothes together to make your day function, and connection with the natural resources and civic environment that nurtured and raised you to be where you are'”.

It is why in our unique model of circular fashion, each DEPLOY garment is designed with maximum style longevity and functional versatility to take you from autumn through to spring; ethically and sustainably made in limited editions by our long-term production partners local to us. This cuts down resource wastage, excess consumption and our carbon emission by 50-80% per garment compared to the large retailers — from design-development to sourcing-production all the way to after-care and repairs.

What we create is a not only a garment that makes you look and feel confident from inside-out, but also a relationship you can trust and treasure between you and your garment, its makers and designers, and our environment.

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