Brussels Sustainable Fashion Forum

Brussels Sustainable Fashion Forum

This week we launched our DEPLOY Brussels Sustainable Fashion Forum starting at 5.30am with the BBC World News interviewing our Founder Dr. Bernice Pan, on the day The EU publishes its Textile Strategy as a roadmap for the European Green Deal.

And this is how we do fashion, since 2006: By not conforming to the take-make-waste norm of catwalk cradle to landfill grave, but innovating a new model to reform the Fashion System. Through DEPLOY-ing' our strategic action plan we push the boundaries of conventional wisdom & commercial targets; lead by example with our 360 Sustainability circular design ethos to offer improved solutions for both consumers & businesses -- combining, not compromising, sustainability, efficiency, and profitability to revive the vision & principles of collective good. 
Together with our Brussels Brand Ambassador Elizabeth Kuiper, Associate Director of The European Policy Centre, and in collaboration with FIPRA Public Affairs’ Green Transition Team, we were honoured to be joined by MEP Catharina Rinzema, Head of DG Grow at The European Commission Marie-Helene Pradines, Secretary General of European Textiles Services Association Elena Lai and Policy Officer of European Environmental Bureau Emily Macintosh, amongst esteemed attendees across the public and private sectors for our panel talk + sustainable fashion salon showcase. The aim is to demonstrate how policy and practice must work hand-in-hand to mutually facilitate the urgent & critical change needed for sustainability.
And through collaborating multi-laterally, communicating globally, and caring for each stakeholder personally through serving them better; using minimal environmental resources to provide maximum human benefit, we can make a difference to people and our planet, one garment at a time.
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