“I have always loved designing for autumn collection.
Sepia tones of champagne and camel enrich the classic black and white, which can be coupled with dependable navy to modernise the monochromes (4) and bridge that trans-seasonal gap in our wardrobes.

I’m obsessed with creating sleek silhouettes and flattering construction for people. Influenced by my architectural background, lines and curves are 3-dimensional and must be precise, before exquisite materials are sculpted to the contour with refined detail finishing to perfect each garment.

This season, a new series of DEPLOY signature 3-way interchangeable dresses are born. Infused with a palette of bright bluebell and rich amethysts to light up the winter months, a knee-length gala gown can be detached to wear as a chic full skirt with a stark white shirt to the office (17|18). And a black-tie dress can be pared down as a party top with a pair of tailored suiting skinnies (21|22).

Smart separates are my favourite autumn go to; contrasting a soft silk blouse with tailored culottes (11) for a neat and easy look – also fit for cycling! For a punchier ensemble, the tuxedo jacket and slouchy satin jumpsuit (16) polish the professional look at the conference table whilst conveying cool at the cocktail table.

As winter looms, give the everyday overcoat a makeover. Snuggle into our brand new cut of long boiled wool coat (1) or cashmere cloak (28); outerwear can be exquisitely fashioned to complete the look and feel, whether for daily practicality or for making that distinctive entrance!

Never a fan of fast fashion, I started DEPLOY demi-couture with the aim to contribute towards a more sustainable and ethical industry and less wasteful lifestyle. Creative customisation is the concept designed to achieve it without sacrificing our appetite for style and sophistication.

The inspiration from golden era elegance is not nostalgia, but the ethos for every garment to be created slowly and thoughtfully to offer more out of less, with a deep consideration for its wearer’s aesthetics and functional needs.

I hope this collection celebrates your individuality, lifestyle and femininity, whilst showcasing the timeless design and refined craftsmanship of British sustainable luxury that is inherently

Bernice Pan

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