DEPLOY is now a Carbon Smart Certified Company

DEPLOY is pleased to announce that it is now certified as a Carbon Smart company.

Being “Carbon Smart” means through rigorous evaluation on all aspect of its business operations and processes, DEPLOY is confirmed to be a low carbon company and acknowledged for its conscious and continuous efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

DEPLOY recognises that climate change is a serious global problem and is committed to minimising its contribution to this issue. It aims to further reduce its carbon footprint by 20% within 3 years from its current measured footprint of 14.8 tonnes of CO2e per annum.

DEPLOY uses a wide range of environmentally certified textiles and sustainable innovation suppliers, as well as ethically run boutique production houses in the UK and in Taiwan to ensure the highest quality European and Asian fabrics are sourced and produced in the vicinity to where each garment is made.

DEPLOY’s garments are ingeniously designed to be multi-functional or interchangeable for multiple occasions and thus help to moderate the over consumption and excessive wastage in the inherent nature of fashion.

Furthermore, DEPLOY’s consistent usage of fabric salvage and garment off-cuts to create desirable accessories such as fascinators and scarves further ensures that its ‘carbon smartness’ does not stop at recycling paper and bottle wastes, but starts with upcycling resources and energy.

In addition, DEPLOY works with Via Design and Trinity Hospice, two reputable charities, to contribute both in knowledge share and clothing donations to ensure that DEPLOY’s cradle-to-cradle vision and practice extends beyond its own processes and into a wider social and environmental context.



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